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Align with your purpose.

Stories that inspire deeper thinking.

Tools that motivate action.

Everyone is born with a purpose in life. The challenge for each of us is to move beyond the day-to-day struggles of life and, in contrast, focus our energy on our passions and possibilities for a more meaningful life.

The Seeker will support you to think and focus on what is possible, enabling you to discover and align with your passions and purpose in life.

Let the journey begin…

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About the Author

Sean is a motivational speaker and author of the What Box?® series of books including What Box? — Out-of-the-Box Thinking for Career and LifeThe Creativity Challenge, Arrows of Wisdom, and his most recent, The Seeker — Discovering and Living Your Life’s Purpose.

To discover more about Sean visit his website at http://seangriffin.com.

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