Practicing Possiblity

Post on Saturday, September 26th, 2009

You have a very powerful skill. Everyone has it. It’s the skill of creativity. When you use your creative skills you open the door to new and unlimited possibilities. When you don’t use these skills you are closing the door on a world where anything is possible. What kind of world do you want to create? How are you using your creativity skills?

Over the years of exploring, teaching, and developing creativity I have learned that unleashing creativity is a matter of opening up to possibilities. Creativity grows when you are playing with possibilities. Creativity is about developing and designing ideas that have the possibility of taking form. Without possibility creativity cannot take place.

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of person that you will be happy with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” Foster C McClellan

Possibility is a very important part of the creative process. You may arrive at a certain answer, but what other ‘possible’ answers might there be?

You will surprise yourself at how many possibilities you can find and develop beyond the first ones that you think of.

Opening up to possibility takes practice and determination.

With creativity, good is never good enough. You can always develop the thinking skills involved even further. As you practice these skills, you pick up not only the ability, but also the confidence to be creative. Confidence is a very key part in developing your creativity. If you have confidence in your creativity, you will indeed become more creative.

It is extremely important to distinguish confidence from arrogance. Having confidence in you is being open and willing to go further in exploring other possibilities. Arrogance is being closed and defensiveness when other ideas are presented. Very creative people are rarely arrogant.

Practicing possibility is a matter of remaining open when a new idea or suggestion comes to you or is shared with you by another. Practicing possibility means that there is no end to the ideas that can be developed and expanded upon. Practicing possibility means that you will be tapping an unlimited reservoir of your creativity and potential.

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” Arthur C. Clarke

You can do anything you want to do. All it takes is using the creativity skills you already have inside of you.

What kind of life do you want to create?

Practicing possibility is a great way to get there.

Let me know what you think.

Until next week, remember the only boxes that exist are the ones you create yourself.

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